Fruits and Veggies: Eat a Rainbow for Better Health!

Eat your veggies (and fruits)! Then enjoy the health benefits of all the antioxidants, minerals, dietary fiber, and vitamins found in delicious produce. At Fruits and Vegetables each make up a food group within the five food groups that are the building blocks for a healthy diet and balanced meals. Fruits and vegetables may be fresh, canned, frozen, or dried, and may be whole, cut-up, or mashed or pureed. So you have no excuses for not eating produce!

Put a fresh twist on breakfast with a Broccoli, Pea, and Spinach Frittata. Frittatas are an easy breakfast to prepare because the fillings are mixed in with the eggs at the beginning and everything is cooked in one pan. Once cooked, just cut, slice, and serve! Frittatas can be enjoyed hot, warm, room temperature (if within an hour at room temperature), or cold (up to 1 day) and for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a snack.

For a healthy, light, and meatless lunch, make this Rainbow Veggie Wrap from Kitchen Explorers. Hummus is used as the condiment and adding a variety of vegetables gives the wrap unique tastes and textures that make for a mindful meal. Mix and match and add in additional vegetables that you like.

Honey-Garlic Chicken Stir-Fry from The Kitchn is full of wholesome ingredients and a great meal to serve for dinner. The vegetables—broccoli, bell pepper, zucchini, and scallions—are the true stars in this dish.

If you have kids who are picky eaters, try these great tips for getting them to eat more fruits and vegetables:

For snacking, place bright-colored chopped or sliced fruits and veggies neatly next to each other on a small plate so that the colors resemble a rainbow; a neat little pile of blueberries, sliced cucumbers, sliced yellow peppers, orange segments, and sliced strawberries are all delicious and nutritious options that look pretty on a plate. You’d be surprised how excited kids get when seeing a rainbow of food on their plate. For a fun day in the kitchen and a successful way to get in an extra serving or two of fruits and veggies, help the kids make these artsy DIY Fruit and Vegetable Shapes from Momtastic.

Learn how much vegetables children, girls, boys, women, and men need each week in the MyPlate Weekly Vegetables Subgroup Table.